JMS Secure Data has over 15 year’s experience within IT data security development and operate primarily in regulated sectors in supporting businesses & individuals with solutions to be compliant under the Data Protection Act (DPA).

The blunt truth is that all organisations that hold customer data need to take necessary compliant protection from loss or theft of the data with the utmost seriousness. There have been several high -profile incidents of data loss where enforcement action has been taken by the ICO for the loss of customer data.

We specialise in providing compliant secure Data Protection solutions to networks, companies and individuals operating in regulated sectors, which include sourcing some of the UK’s most secure hardware & software technologies, offering exceptional levels of governance advice, security, expertise and support.

All our software products and Data Protection recommendations are of Federation Information Processing Standard (FIPS) certified which is recognised as the minimum benchmark required by the ICO and other regulatory bodies.

We are leading experts to:
  • Backup and store your data in accordance to Data Protection regulations.
  • Protect your I.T systems from data theft by providing compliant secure encryption that meets Principle 7 of the Data Protection Act.
  • Facilitate Business Continuity in the event of data loss that provides fully automated data storage/backup software.
  • Provide recommendations for secure compliant Cloud sync & share platforms.
  • Satisfy legislative, regulatory and data protection compliance.
  • Provide bespoke Cyber Security consulting services.

We work closely with the ICO and all regulated watchdog authorities to keep you up-to-date with compliant & secure measures required to ensure your business meets Data Protection legislation.

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