• What do the packages include?

    All three packages include the comprehensive GDPR IT services any business needs from day one: Data Encryption Software, Secure Cloud Storage, Unlimited IT Support, Data Center Backup.

  • Which package should I choose?

    We have designed three packages, each of them covers the best ingredients of data security. The main difference is between the size of the data storage. The Bronze package covers the needs of a smaller company while gold meets the needs of a bigger corporation.

  • Do I need data protection if I have just started the company/if I am a sole trader?

    Since GDPR came into effect on 25 May 2018, anyone who processes personal data in any way has to be compliant. (This includes collecting, recording, storing and using personal data of clients, suppliers, employees in any way).

  • How does the free trial work?

    Choose the package you want to try and we’ll ask you to register online and to give is your debit card details. We’ll not charge you for 14 days while you can install the software trial licenses, use and try them. If you decide not to continue within 14 days, we cancel your subscription and you owe us nothing.

  • Will I be able to use the packages without an IT colleague?

    Yes, this was exactly the point in designing these packages so that you can use them without any IT help. It’s as easy as child’s play. If you still need help, you can call us 24×7/365.

  • Why do I need to secure my data?

    If you are a data controlling business or individual then you have a compliant requirement to ensure that your data security practices meet the requirements by the Information Commissioners’ Office (ICO) under the Data Protection Act.

  • How do I know if I need a Data Protection license?

    Most data controllers who manage or store sensitive data such as client addresses, phone numbers, financial information or confidential corporate information will have a requirement to obtain a data protection license from the ICO. We have a 3 minute self assessment form to help you understand if you require a license or not, please click on this link which will take you to the self assessment form.

  • How do I assess if my business is Data Protection compliant?

    JMS Secure Data will perform an assessment of your business and data management to identify if you meet the minimum requirements by the ICO for data protection. Our assessment process will look to identify your current technical setup, areas of risk with recommendations for software or hardware solutions that protect your business and meets the Principles under the Data Protection Act. The 3 key areas our assessment will focus on will be if your IT hardware has relevant benchmark encryption, how secure and compliant your backup systems are at present and a review of any cloud storage platforms your business is using.

  • How do I know your Backup software is secure and compliant?

    Our backup software is recognised as compliant benchmark software because it meets the minimum DPA requirements in 2 ways. A) During the installation process the user will create an encryption key (recognised by the user only) which will ensure that any data that is sent from the systems for backup will remain protected and only accessible by the user. This is considered the most secure way to backup your data because only the user will have control over who can or cannot access that data. B) Any data backed up using our software remains in the UK within the primary and secondary military grade data centers.

  • Where is my Backed up data held?

    JMS Secure Data has two Tier 2 data centers located in the UK where your data is stored. All data stored in the data centers meets the requirements under the Data Protection Act because all data is encrypted before leaving the users PC. This means only the user is able to restore their own data because of the encryption key secure management.

  • How long does the Backup Installation take to download?

    The length of time for the installation download is dependent on the amount of data you wish to backup and your internet download speed. We normally advise users to allow 1 hour to complete the installation and download, however if we have larger backup accounts to install (100+ GB) our technical team can arrange to install your data in bite size increments so not to slow down your internet connection speed during the installation of the backup software.

  • What are the advantages of choosing backup from JMS Secure Data against other Backup providers?

    JMS Secure Data are experts in assessing the DPA requirements of any data controllers and our recommendations ensure your business and data operate compliantly under the Data Protection Act. Although there are many other backup providers in the market, not all of them will offer advice and recommendations that provide market leading software but, most importantly, do not provide recommendations that ensure your data meets all the principles under the Data Protection Act.

  • What support is offered in the event of experiencing technical issues with the Backup software?

    JMS Secure Data offer 24/7 support to all our backup account users providing assistance and remote support for any queries, questions or problems that may arise. We have a team of experienced technical staff who are trained to deal with any problems that arise relating to the backup software.

  • My PC's have Windows passwords why do I need Encryption software?

    Setting a windows password on your windows login does not protect your PC / Laptop, it just makes it a little harder for someone to gain access, but not impossible. Relevant benchmark encryption is the only way to protect your PC in the event of theft or loss.

  • What does the Data Protection Act say about Encryption?

    Principle 7 of the DPA states; “Appropriate technical and organisational measures shall be taken against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, personal data” The ICO takes encryption of data controlled machines very seriously and has levied out fines to individuals and organisations totalling more that £900,000!!

  • What type of Encryption software should I be using?

    The ICO would expect data controllers to be using what’s called relevant benchmark encryption. In simple terms this means it should meet minimum secure standards such as strong AES 256-bit Full Disk Encryption. With this level of secure encryption software you’ll have total peace of mind if a laptop or computer is stolen or misplaced.

  • How long does the Encryption installation take to install?

    The installation of the software normally takes around 20 minutes. After installation the hard disk encrypting process will take some time depending on the level of data on the machine being encrypted. During the encryption process there is no ‘slow down’ of the PC and users can continue working on their machine as normal whilst the software continues to encrypt the machine in the background.

  • How long does the Encryption software remain on the PC?

    Once your PC has been installed with encryption it remains permanently on the machine unless you remove or change the hard drive. Users must ensure they also subscribe to the annual service maintenance updates so the software remains compliant throughout the term you continue to use the PC to hold data.

  • Does Soonr Workplace offer mobile collaboration on the data synced?

    Yes the Soonr Workplace anywhere, anytime access to the most up-to-minute business content, empowers users & employees to make better and more informed decisions to help drive the business forward faster. Soonr Workplace facilitates optimized content delivery and rendering on any type of business content from their preferred mobile device. With the Soonr Workplace One-App™ concept and Team-based sharing ensures that corporate content stays in the right hands.

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