The loss of data would do unquantifiable damage to my business.

Working as a self-employed individual within financial services, a constant concern of mine was the security of my client data.

I had taken steps to partly eliminate this concern by encrypting my hard drive. Though this overcame the basic issue of data security, it was of little benefit on its own. Though this data would have been inaccessible to anyone who could not crack my password, it would have still been permanently lost to me as I had no means of regularly backing it up.  The loss of same data would do unquantifiable damage to my business.

JMS Secure Data therefore introduced me to a solution to this problem in the form of encrypted cloud backup. Thanks to a piece of exclusive software paid for by my subscription to the service, my client data is now backed up on a daily basis on a secure server. Though fortunately I have yet to have the unpleasant experience of being parted from my laptop, I am confident that should this occur my client data will be both safe and readily accessible to me.

Jonathan Treliving DipFA CeMAP CeRERFinancial Advisor (non-investment)New Leaf Group of Companies
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