News release: 20 October 2014

Source: Soonr

Consumer-grade file sharing services like Dropbox™ can leave your business vulnerable

The need for a well-rounded secure file sharing and collaboration service that is embraced by users and endorsed by IT is crucial now more than ever.

Developed as a simple sync solution for consumers, Dropbox falls short without any effort to address team-based scalability, collaboration or security features which are all required for businesses.

Here are some highlights that Dropbox doesn’t let you do:

  • Dropbox can’t guarantee data integrity or availability
  • Dropbox doesn’t provide complete control over file access
  • Dropbox can’t share very large files easily
  • Dropbox falls outside the compliant requirements under the Data Protection Act

If your work in a regulated industry and need a secure compliant alternative to Dropbox why not look at Soonr Workplace cloud for your business.

Download the Top 33 Reasons Dropbox Is Not For Business

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