Meet the team

Marlon Johnson – Managing Director

Data & Cyber computing security pioneer, Marlon has over 13 years experience in the Financial Services Industry in various capacities with remarkable in-depth knowledge and experience in Data Protection compliance and secure methods. He has worked in operational DPA compliance roles for large organisations including large public companies (such as Royal Mail & British Gas), implementing technology suppliers and customers and high profile individuals.

Registered and listed as an Qualified Data Protection Practitioner to demonstrate that he possesses a solid knowledge of data protection compliance law, as well as an understanding of the practical implications for organisations on their compliant & legal requirements.

Marlon has worked closely with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and other watchdog regulators to ensure JMS Secure Data are up-to-date with the necessary compliant measures required to ensure your business data is protected by way compliant software.

Marlon’s vision for JMS Secure Data is to become the no.1 choice in the UK for data controllers who require a solution to make their company DPA complaint whilst providing a cost effective, market leading, easy to deploy software option.

JMS Secure Data specialises in providing compliant secure data protection governance advice & compliant technical solutions to organisations operating in regulated sectors and business services.


Kuhan Selvananthan – Head of Technical Operations

Kuhan has 10+ years of experience within I.T security development and pentesting analysis. Portfolio includes both UK and international blue chip companies and SME’s. Kuhan also has a background in building bespoke enterprise planning and accounting software for various sectors including financial services, construction and property management.

Kuhan’s role as head of technical operations is to implement, manage and oversee the deployment of our technical strategy for identifying data security breaches within different sectors. Our aim is to work closely with all business functions including management, to ensure enterprise level infrastructure support and service level agreements are met for data compliant solutions.


Michelle Rumble – Head of Engagement & Marketing

jms Michelle RumbleMichelle has over twenty years working in varied roles such as secretarial, administration, event organising, accounting and communication. A high level of experience in client engagement in competitive markets and environments whilst demonstrating award winning performances resulting in company client portfolio growth.

Michelle’s role is to lead the business engagement and marketing activities for the company which involves engagement and communication with regulated sectors or business services who are data controllers to educate them on the Data Protection Act regulatory requirements for achieving compliance as required by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).


Laurelle Hughes – Administration & Accounts Manager

jms Laurelle HughesLaurelle has 20+ years multi-industry experience (corporate, creative, public and third sector), including management board support in business administration and accounts. Laurelle’s role at JMS Secure Data is the planning, budgeting and supervision of all backup client accounts to ensure they are working in accordance to their service & price plan.

Laurelle has been associated with the JMS Secure Data directors for over 5 years, so has a great understanding of the data protection market and the level of back office support required to ensure our clients remain compliant and kept up to date.


Jason Bineham – Lead Technical Engineer

Jason has 5 + years in information & technology specifically data centre environments, cloud computing, data backup protection and encryption. Jason’s experience in these key areas led to him taking up the lead technician role for the company with a remit to line manage all our technical installation engineers’ day to day responsibilities.

As lead technical engineer Jason plays an integral part in the management for on-time deployment in all new backup accounts which includes real time connection with our data centres offering 24/7 support to all client accounts.


Tina Whittaker – Technical Installation Engineer

Tina is the latest member to join the JMS Secure Data team and has previously worked in the government & public sectors with a wealth of experience in creating networks from scratch, upgrading existing networks. Tina also has experience in ICT license management, administrative control of ICT assets including warranties and copyrights, access control, setting up user group policies. Day to day responsibilities include trouble shooting, restoring networks to full functionality, 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support, end user engagement, software and hardware rollouts.


Paul Namsden – Technical Installation Engineer

Paul is an information & technology specialist who as one of the original members of the JMS Secure Data installation team has played a key part of the company success to date.

An experienced ICT technical support technician / engineer with a proven track record of success supporting the users of up to 600 workstations and in developing ICT networks, infrastructure and systems.




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