Is your business disaster proof?

Disasters come in many different guises and whether they are physical threats such as flood or fire, or something more intangible such as a hacking of your data, the effects can be devastating.

5 Questions to ask yourself

  1. Do you have a business continuity plan?
  2. Do you rely solely on an insurance policy to bail you out of a disaster?
  3. Have you only thought as far as an emergency response or evacuation plan?
  4. Have you focused solely on an IT or data recovery plan?
  5. Is your plan sitting on a shelf somewhere, gathering dust?

3 Facts to Consider

1 in 5 businesses face a major disruption of service every year
1 in 10 businesses that have suffered a major disaster will cease trading as a result
80% of those go out of business in 3 years
(Source: Strathclyde Emergencies Co-ordination Group, UK)

We’ve recently put together a Guide to Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery. We want to help you create a plan and be prepared.


  1. When disaster strikes – the facts
  2. Will your business survive a disaster?
  3. What is a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) vs Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)?
  4. Why should I have a Business Continuity Plan?
  5. Types of incidents to plan for
  6. Steps to creating a Business Continuity Plan
  7. Combat data loss – how to be prepared
  8. How JMS Secure Data can help you

If you want to learn more about Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for your business contact a member of our technical team.

Download your full Guide here


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